User are free to share files and data for which they have a legal right to do so. The sharing of files or data for which you do not have a legal right to share will be considered 'abusive sharing'.

It sometimes becomes apparent that a shared file has become popular with others who have then without the knowledge of the original sharing Plusdrive user re-shared the same file, or published the original sharing link elsewhere without the originators knowledge. This could lead to abusive sharing. To protect the stability, security and performance of the service Plusdrive may need from time to time to take appropriate action to achieve stability, security and performance of the service to all users by terminating a shared file or data link or suspending access to a users account. Plusdrive will attempt to contact the user where this is possible prior to termination, removal or suspension of a sharing link.

Plusdrive would recommend that where possible, users time limit sharing links for only as long as is necessary and/or password protect sharing links. 

Plusdrive allows users to consume an amount of outbound data transfer traffic equivalent to the total amount of data that they are able to store within their chosen plan, within a plan billing period. When this threshold is exceeded we may exercise our right to suspend, limit or terminate an account to ensure stability, security and performance of the service to all users. Termination of a users account will never be the initial option we exercise. Termination would only be considered after more than 3 abuses of the policy. Users will given an opportunity to prevent further abuses or increase their plan capacity to allow for more outbound data transfer. The suspension or limitation will be lifted at the plan payment renewal anniversary. Upon termination of a users account, the user will be entitled to a full refund of any payment  made in relation to the current billing period for a plan calculated pro-rata for the remaining period of the users plan payment period.

For example:

50Gb Plan @ £5.49 / days in plan payment period [31] = 17.7p per day.

Days remaining upon termination of plan [10] = 17.7p x 10 = £1.77

Refund due = £1.77


Inbound data transfer is unlimited.